Student Tracker Database

This database has been developed to enable bible school personnel to maintain course records of correspondence students. The database provides for tracking class dates and grades as well as mailing lists and numerous reports.

The free trial version can be downloaded from this web site. It can then be converted to a fully operational version with the use of a registration password. The password will be transmitted via email upon remittance of a $39 USD registration fee.  This fee entitles you to one year of free upgrades to newer versions. However, any customization of the database will incur additional charges.

The program is distributed without any expressed warranty and the user assumes all responsibility in conjunction with its use. If the user desires any database modifications, they will be considered and possibly made at a mutually agreeable cost.

Database features:

  1. Up to 9999 students in each of several areas, such as states or countries, etc. with a virtually unlimited number of such areas,
  2. The Student's name is formatted "First Name" and "Last Name".  We also have another version where the student's name is simply "Name" - contact us for that version.
  3. Virtually unlimited number of courses in which a student may enroll,
  4. Up to 26 study units or sections per course with dates and grades for each,
  5. Recording of numerous kinds of distributed literature,
  6. Last activity date used to track and define delinquent students,
  7. The student courses, and number of units per course are defined by the user and can be edited at any time,
  8. Can be easily configured for networking on multiple computers - contact us for this information.

Reports and listings:

  1. Delinquent student list with optional notification letter to them,
  2. Active student listed by state or by course,
  3. Course statistics report,
  4. Enrollment report for specified time period,
  5. Certificates issued for specified time period,
  6. Distributed literature reports,
  7. Students saved during specified time period,
  8. Data can be exported for mail merge with pre-printed certificates,
  9. Mailing labels can be either exported for mail merge or printed from program.

Student Tracker Installation

Prior to installation, you will need the zip utility program to extract the downloaded zipped files.  If you do not have this utility, a free evaluation version may be obtained from

NOTE: This program requires that you have MS Access 2007 or the MS Access run-time.  If you do not, then you may download and install the free Access 2007 run-time files by clicking here.  If you try to install without either of the above, you will receive the following message.  Click OK, download and install MS 2007 of the Access Runtime files.

error message


» Download  the file into a temp directory and double-click on (This opens the zipped file.)

» Double-click on the setup.exe file to install the database into the C:\Program Files\Student Tracker folder. (Accept all default settings.)

» To use database, double-click on new icon which was installed on your desktop. The database has a somewhat context sensitive help system accessed by clicking on F1.

» Print the Readmefirst.htm file from the C:\Program files\Student Tracker folder. This file contains the entire help system which includes important information needed to begin using the database.

Miscrosoft Access

NOTE: If you do not have Access 2007 or Access 2007 Run-time, you can download and install a free copy of the Access 2007 run-time files by clicking here.