Mt Garfield Software LLC

Database Design

Whether you have a small or large organization, we can create a database to help you get your work done more efficiently. With over 20 years of database design experience, we can design a custom database to meet your specific needs.

Minimum computer requirements:

  1. IBM compatible PC,
  2. Windows 98, XP, Vista, or Windows 7 Operating Systems,
  3. Minimum of 512 MB RAM memory,
  4. 50 MB of free disk space,
  5. Microsoft Access 2010 or Microsoft Access Run-Time (see note at right),
  6. Word processor capable of mail merge, preferrably Microsoft Word,
  7. Printer for reports, letters, and mailing labels.


Currently Available Databases:

Presently, our databases are being used by missionaries and correspondence schools in many countries around the world, as well as mission organizations throughout the United States. Free Trial Downloads!

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Microsoft Access

NOTE: If you do not have Access 2007 or Access 2007 Run-time, you can download and install a free copy of the Access 2007 run-time files by clicking here.