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Ministry Donors Installation

PLEASE NOTE: These instructions are for only those users who have Access 2000 (or newer version) already installed on their computer.

» Print this page for future reference.

» Prior to installation, you will need the zip utility program to extract the files from If you do not have this utility, a free evaluation version may be obtained from

» Download the file into a temp directory and double-click on (This opens the zipped file.)

» Double-click on the setup.exe file to install the database into the C:\Program Files\Ministry Donors folder. (Accept all default settings.)

» Print the Readmefirst.doc file from the C:\Program files\Ministry Donors folder. This file contains VERY important information needed to begin using the database.

» Using your Windows Explorer, move, and templates from C:\Program Files\Ministry Donors folder to your template directory for word processor use, preferably under a new folder (e.g. Database Templates) under the word-processor's default templates folder. Open the and to compose the letters around the merge fields already there (when you merge the letters, the names and addresses, donations and donation dates will automatically be inserted). Make any desired changes in these templates.

» To use database, click on new icon which was installed on your desktop.